Supply & Installation | Notes for New Construction Notes to Pricing / Tags:

  • All Prices Include GST unless otherwise stated.
  • ALL rates and prices are inclusive of Supply and Installation.
  • Pricing is based on emailed plan.
  • It is the responsibility of the main contractor to provide access to work at Height of 3.0 meters or greater.
  • Main contractor to supply scaffolding and safe height operating systems setup for installation purposes, including stairways, silicon ceilings, and under floors at height.
  • This quotation remains valid for 90 days from today’s date.
  • Our pricing is based on being given clear access to carry out the specified work.
  • Rework will be charged at hourly $50.00 /hr/installer (plus GST) and specific material rates.
  • Affordable Energy Solutions reserves the right to charge the main contractor a reasonable “Postponement Fee” if for no fault of Affordable Energy Solutions that our team arrives at the site at the agreed date/time and the agreed Scope of Work is unavailable or unable to be carried out, without at least two clear Business days’ Notice being provided by the Contractor to Affordable Energy Solutions of the expected delay.
  • A new start time would need to be agreed by the parties. The Postponement Fee will be based on any costs (including wages), expense and loss as a result of the postponement.
  • The installation of electrical (and/or other) equipment such as recessed lights, fans, flues, chimneys or similar, AFTER the installation of insulation by us – requires the electrician/plumber or specific trade to ensure required insulation clearances are met.
  • Due to the small nature of our work we do not allow for retentions to be held.
  • Due to the nature of work liquidated damages do not apply
  • Our standard TERMS and CONDITIONS are attached.
  • Our payment terms are no later than 20th month following invoice.