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Our highly skilled team of expert designers, engineers, installers, and technicians have been providing project management, design, construction & installation, refurbishment, and ongoing preventative maintenance and on-call services for over 10 years.

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Affordable Energy Solutions has the expertise to handle any commercial HVAC project, no matter its size or complexity. We’ll manage each step of your project, from design and installation to ongoing maintenance, safely and efficiently.



Affordable Energy Solutions specialise in designing and installing HVAC systems that make your work environment healthier, more productive, and more comfortable.



Our expert team will ensure your project is completed on time and with a perfect finish. Efficiency is the backbone of your business, and we fully understand.



Our Affordable Energy Solutions Maintenance team provide the highest standard and best value preventative maintenance and servicing for your business to ensure legal compliance and avoid expensive last-minute surprises.



We have experts who can upgrade or replace your old HVAC system. Bring your existing HVAC system back to life with us today!

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Comfort your customers by installing cost-effective air-conditioning in your commercial space.

If you own a commercial space, it has to be perfect for the customers to visit and relish the ambiance over there. Leveling up your commercial space by several notches is essential as customers demand a comfortable experience. Affordable Energy Solutions provide the best heating and cooling systems for your commercial space. Install the custom air-conditioning to maintain the right temperature effortlessly. Connect with us right away.

The size of commercial spaces can vary diversely, but air-conditioning is ideal for every site to maintain the temperature across the property. From basic units to advanced systems, Affordable Energy Solutions offers the best solutions customized to our client’s requirements. The Commercial Air-Conditioning is designed and installed in any commercial building to provide absolute comfort. With our extensive commitment, we have completed numerous projects that prosperously increased our credibility.

We continuously endeavor to increase the standards and meet the client’s expectations. Affordable Energy Solutions has been regarded as the best as we have expert professionals striving to deliver top-notch solutions.

Commercial Air Conditioning

If you are ready to invest in an air-conditioning system, you can take a look at the wide gamut of solutions provided by Affordable Energy Solutions. No matter how fast the weather changes, the temperature at your commercial space remains under your control. Air-conditioning systems are evolving as smarter units lately and allow users to yield maximum comfort without splurging more. Whether you are looking for a pocket-friendly system to keep your office cool or a large unit to maintain the shopping complex’s proper temperature, Affordable Energy Solutions can provide an effective and efficient system.

Diverse Types to Choose for your Commercial Space

Affordable Energy Solutions leads the industry with several years of experience providing various solutions for every business requirement. We deliver the right heat pump solutions in Auckland. Our endeavor to maximize the efficiency of heat pumps and commitments towards Commercial Air Conditioning setup has helped us to deliver top-notch solutions for sure.

Whether it is a floor console to maintain the temperature in one particular room or ducted systems, we have installed a wide gamut of heating and cooling units in many commercial spaces. The experience gives us an edge over other installers, and we ensure that the heat pump installation will provide the utmost comfort to all your customers.

High Wall Air Conditioning

High wall heat pumps are the commonly used Commercial Air Conditioning system in and around New Zealand. The heat pumps have two units, internal and external. As the name specifies, the indoor unit is mounted at a high level, Multi Split systems connected to the external unit. The system is easy to use as you can heat or cool the space with your smart devices or remote controller. The system is a hassle-free commercial air-conditioning for any retail space.

Floor Mounted Air Conditioning

As the name specifies, the heat pump is installed at ground level, and this type of air-conditioning is specially installed when the commercial space doesn’t provide sufficient room. A remote controller can manage this air-conditioning unit.

Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioning

These air conditioning units are directly installed in the ceiling or grid with multiple vanes to spread warm and cool air across the commercial space. At first, the contractors get access to the ceiling and start the installation process. Retail stores use the same air conditioning units, and they are also best for large commercial spaces.

Under Ceiling Air Conditioning

When it comes to under ceiling air-conditioning, the device is installed under the ceiling. Huge halls and shopping malls are using the same air-conditioning units. The air is discharged in one direction, and it is commonly used in large buildings.
Affordable Energy Solutions is one name trusted by numerous business owners in New Zealand. If you are interested in installing a unit, connect with the exceptional team to keep your space better. Commercial air conditioning is an effective solution for every business that considers customer comfort a top priority. Get in touch with the right team that installs the unit.