Confirmation of Services | Health & Safety

Affordable Energy Solutions operates in a safe manner

Affordable Energy Solutions will:

  • Arrange for all work to be carried out by our appointed team members experienced, competent and familiar with the insulation, heatpumps, ventilation system and techniques specified.
  • Provide products undamaged and dry and transport to the location that protects them from the weather and damage.
  • Avoid distortion, stretching, puncturing and damage to edges of sheet materials.
  • Not use damaged or wet products.
  • Follow safe working practices, including wearing suitable protective clothing as necessary.
  • Avoid delamination or distortion of the form of the insulation products unless required to install as per specification/drawings/as-built requirements.
  • Maintain full thickness unless compression is an installation system requirement.
  • Before commencing installation – check that the location and framing are free from visual moisture (moisture % readings to be supplied by Main Contractor and confirmed acceptable in accordance with NZBC or Auckland City Council requirements)
  • Check that the cavities are suitably closed including that building papers and vapour barriers are in place – Main Contractor to remedy if not.
  • Install insulation products, Heatpumps and Ventilation products to the Manufacturer’s instructions.
  • We reserve the right to not install areas if deemed unsafe at the time of installation, any areas not able to be safely installed will be deducted from the quoted price.