Business - EV Charging

When choosing EV chargers for your business there are a few things to consider. Power limits of the site​, who is using the chargers, pay-per-use or free, staff, fleet or customer use? Also, do you choose AC charging, or do you need the fast turnaround of DC?

We can help you work through these decisions to find the best solution for your business that will set you up for an electric future.

Fleet Charging

Will your EVs be charged at work or by employees if they take them home? Or is it both? Either way, you can track usage and control access to chargers with backend software to give you full control.

Staff Charging

EV charging for staff can be both either free or pay-to-use. This is up to your business and how you want to handle the costs. You can utilise backend software to monitor access and monetise if you choose.

Customer Charging

DC Fast charging you can rely on

Supernova is Wallbox’s next-generation DC fast-charger. Its higher efficiency and reliability maximize uptime, benefiting both electric vehicle drivers and charge point operators.

With its 60 kW, it adds up to 100 km of range, enough to cover the average urban daily needs in under 15 minutes, to be ready while drivers enjoy a refreshment, run a quick errand or shop for groceries. This makes it perfect for public charging in urban or interurban locations as well as semi-public parking lots (including supermarkets, shopping malls or fast-food restaurants).

Our products and services are designed under four pillars to make them more profitable, easy to operate and scalable.

AC or DC Charging?

AC charging at the workplace is ideal because:

  • Cars tend to be parked for many hours enabling a full charge.
  • AC chargers are relatively cheap and you can add to your charging fleet easily over time.
  • Smart chargers can manage load and allocate energy to the car efficiently.
  • One smart AC charger with communications can manage up to 20 less advanced chargers, reducing costs.


If you are needing a fast-charging turnaround you may consider a DC charger. Some considerations for DC:

  • DC chargers are relatively expensive compared to AC chargers
  • DC chargers are for fast turnaround taking 30-40 minutes to charge to 80% from near empty. Most staff won’t drive that far to work so an AC top-up could be sufficient.
  • Charging etiquette will need to be established to avoid conflict between staff needing a quick charge

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