Zone Control System

The New Standard in Smart Air Conditioning

Individual Temperature Control

Integrates with Smart Assistants

16 Zones & Up to
4 ACs

A fully integrated control for multiple ducted units, and up to 16 zones throughout your home.

Create HVAC Zones for Central & Ductless Systems Save money on the power bill, without compromising on comfort by only running the AC where you need it with Smart Zoning. Plus with runtime tracking, energy, and airflow management technology, you can enjoy greater efficiency and savings from your family’s home air conditioner. With regular firmware and app updates, you can enjoy great new features for your comfort at home as they are released. We supply and install Panasonic, Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, and AirTouch Zone Control System.

Individual Temperature Control (ITC)

Individual Temperature Control Technology (ITC) monitors temperatures and smartly adjusts airflow as needed around your home with the aid of multiple wireless temperature sensors instead of a single sensor in one location. When some rooms get too hot or cold, will adjust their airflow to maintain your desired temperature, without wasting conditioned air on rooms already comfortable. It also enables you to adjust the set point temperature for each zone. Have a different set point temperature for each zone and help avoid hot and cold spots. It also enables you to adjust the set point temperature for each zone. ITC can be enabled only in Panasonic and AirTouch Zone Control systems.

Smart, Discrete Temperature Sensors

There is no need to run any extra cables for Individual Temperature Control, as the sensors themselves are wireless and battery powered*. They work like thermostats and monitor the temperature of each room or zone that they are placed in your house.

The system receives the temperature information from them and responds by adjusting airflow were necessary to help maintain your chosen set point for each zone. You can also check up the temperature of each zone from the touch panel or app.

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