Our Insulation Products


Ceiling Insulation

If you think about ceiling insulation, it is probably because of the high heating bills. Half of the heating and cooling cost is cut when a home incorporates the perfect insulation. During winter, colder air settles down while warm air tends to go up. Even when you turn the heat, the warm air rises and remains close to the ceiling, necessitating the system to use more power. In the same way, the cooling cost is increased. The difference between a properly insulated ceiling and a roof without insulation is easy to recognize. A poorly insulated ceiling is the home of harmful mold growth, and it can deteriorate the health conditions of your family members. At Affordable Energy Solutions, we not only deliver cost-effective ceiling insulation but assure savings on your energy costs in the long run.


Wall Insulation

Insulating the walls is as essential as ceilings and under your floor. Generally, wall insulation is inculcating insulation materials between the bricks, and they are very effective. Wall insulation can lock the heat inside your home during winter, and the heat is trapped to provide warmth all day long. Wall insulation also hinders molds as the water flows through the ground, leaving no room for mold to build up. Above all, wall insulation can be done quickly when you have the right experts. Our team utilizes high-quality materials to insulate the walls and get the job done in a few hours.

Underfloor Insulation

When it comes to insulation, people mainly concentrate on the ceiling and external walls. However, underfloor insulation has equal importance, and homeowners should consider investing in it. The more places are insulated, the lesser the power bills will be. When you get proper insulation across the rooms, the heating and cooling costs come down as insulation can keep up with the temperature fluctuation and support the systems in conserving energy.
Affordable Energy Solutions has gained a reputation by maintaining workmanship that meets industry standards without pushing the customers to splurge more than their budget. We render the best solutions to customers using the finest materials in the industry. Whether you just moved into a new home or upgraded your existing home, insulation is a must. Ensure that you get it right from an expert team. Connect with us today!

Ground Moisture Barrier

Ground moisture Auckland barrier is a legal requirement in all properties as per Healthy Homes Standards 2019. A ground moisture barrier protects against rising dampness and mold, making homes drier, warmer, and easier to heat. This ground vapor barrier is 250-micron thick polythene for maximum, lasting protection from cold and dampness. Moisture under a house can cause mold and mildew inside the house, affecting the health of the occupants. Would you believe on average, 250ml of water can evaporate from 1m² of ground in 24 hours – that’s 60 liters per day on average for a 150m² house. A good way to reduce moisture levels is to install polythene sheeting that is at least 0.25 mm thick over the ground under a house. This vapor barrier will restrict the evaporation of moisture from the ground into the subfloor space.

Reduce power bills without compromising on your comfort! The home insulation experts you can count on!!

A properly insulated room is very comfortable in all seasons. Insulation keeps fluctuating temperatures and high power bills at bay. Whether you need insulation services for a newly constructed home or re-insulating your home, we have got you covered. From heated air to mildew, eradicate every element that hinders the way to a healthy home and harness the impeccable insulation without splurging more.

Important Insulation Materials

A wide gamut of Insulation expert auckland materials is available from which homeowners can choose the best. The materials used for insulation have unique characteristics that suffice different rooms in your home. Lately, people prefer organic materials that are easy to recycle.

When choosing the insulation materials, the R-value is given more importance as it emphasizes the resistance of the materials. We rely on insulation materials with higher R-value to deliver better insulation to our customers.

The right place to install insulation

Ceiling, walls, windows, and beneath the floor are the four essential areas you should consider. These regions are called “thermal envelopes”, and they help maintain your home’s temperature. When insulation is installed in the right place, you can snuggle inside the house, no matter what the weather condition is.
Moreover, the build of your home can impact the decision of choosing the right place. Our home insulation experts analyze the construction and understand your requirements to deliver the perfect solution in no time.