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If you’re looking for Air-conditioning and Ventilation systems in your new home, then our experts can find a perfect solution for your place and make sure to install your system at a time which suits your build. We’re the ducted heat pump specialists in New Zealand who can design, install, test, and service a complete ducted heat pump solution.
Whether you’re looking for Single room hi-wall heat pump, multiple rooms heating with a multi split system, Whole home ducted system or Ventilation integrated with Air-conditioning system with the options for wall, floor mounted and ceiling heat pumps which suits your style of new home.
Ducted heat pump keeps everyone cool in the summer, cosy during winter and comfortable all throughout the year. It is one of the primary investments of your new build. Ducted heat pump systems are the energy efficient central heating and the perfect complete home heating and air conditioning solution, providing you with a comfortable temperature throughout your house.
Our ducted heat pump experts show you how to heat your home the right way. Every new home has different requirements, so every one of our solutions is custom designed for your new home. After a free consultation you’ll get a quote and custom design plan that’s suits perfect for your new home.
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