How Can Heat Pump Installation Lower My Energy Bills?

As the world evolves, we’ve become more aware of efficient, eco-friendly heating solutions. You may have heard of heat pumps before because they are widely regarded as energy-saving – and money-saving! – heaters. But can they really save you money, or are you just as well off with any other kind of heater?

There are so many facts and information you should learn about before you make your final decision. Is a heat pump right for you? How much can you save if you get one? Whom should you buy one from?

Keep reading to learn the answers to your questions.

Can A Heat Pump Save Money?

The short answer is yes! A heat pump can absolutely save you money on your energy bill.

Although, the long answer is a bit more detailed. Of course, not everyone’s situation is the same, so your savings may differ from someone else’s. It would help if you understood what goes into your savings before you settle on what kind of heat pumps you want to buy.

Typically, happy customers have recorded reducing their energy costs anywhere from 20 to 70 per cent over an average year.

The individual factors that affect how much you can save are many. These factors include:

What Else Should I Know About Getting A Heat Pump?

Even after learning how they can save money, you might have other questions about these marvellous fixtures.

A few questions that people commonly have are as follows:

How Does A Heat Pump Work? Depending on the model, your heat pump may work by drawing in heat from either the surrounding air or the ground. It will then transfer this heat to the desired destination.

What Kind Of Heat Pump Should I Get? There are plenty of types of heat pumps. The particular kind that’s right for you will depend on your area, your household and on other details. For the best results and help making the right choice, you should contact your seller and ask about heat pump installation and about the different models.

Are They Good For The Environment? Even if a heat pump is the most efficient fixture you’ve ever used, you might not be very happy with it if it is horrible for the environment. So, you’ll be delighted to know that heat pump systems are very eco-friendly. They use renewable heat from the environment around them and use very little energy when compared to most other heating and cooling systems, making them a good choice for those who wish to be kind to the earth.

What If I Want To Cool My Home, Not Heat It? Many people are used to having to buy separate systems for heating and cooling their homes, but with heat pumps, you don’t have to worry about that. A good heat pump can both heat and cool your home. So, your new system can either draw heat from outside and put it in your home or take heat away from your home.

Are They Healthy To Use? A heat pump can actually improve the quality of your home’s air. As long as you make sure any filters in the heat pump are clean and replaced appropriately and that your heat pump is well-maintained, it should do wonders for your home’s air.

Are They Noisy? Heat pumps are clearly a very useful fixture to have in any home, but are they noisy? Some air conditioners and heaters can create annoying buzzing noises when they run; what about heat pump systems?

Standard heat pump systems operate very quietly when compared to many other heating and cooling systems. This makes them more comfortable to use, as they are more pleasant to be around when they are running.

I’m Interested In Getting A Heat Pump; Where Do I Start?

If you are interested in getting a heat pump for your household, contact Affordable Energy Solutions! Our products and our services are designed to help New Zealanders improve the comfort and energy efficiency of their homes. If you want to enhance your home for you and your family, we’re here to help.

You can get in touch with our friendly team through our website’s convenient contact page or by calling 0800 800 450. We’d be thrilled to answer any questions you have about heat pumps that were not answered above or speak to you about your current situation.

To lower your energy bill and carbon footprint simultaneously, consider working with us at Affordable Energy Solutions.