Ducted Heat Pumps Are Popular For Heating and Cooling the Home

We all deserve a cosy, well-heated or cooled home when we want to relax. How can you easily control the temperature in your house? With a fantastic heating or cooling system, of course. Many New Zealanders are turning to ducted heating systems for their temperature-controlling needs. 

Choosing your home’s heating system is a big choice that’ll significantly affect the comfort of you and your family. How do you know that a ducted heat pump is right for you?

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What Are Ducted Heat Pumps?

What exactly are heat pumps, and how do they differ from other types of heaters and air conditioning systems? Heat pumps are a very unique type of technology because they do not generate hot or cool air from fuel. Instead, a heat pump system can pull heat out of the air and transport it somewhere else. 

So, instead of using fuel to create heat, your heat pump can take heat from one place and put it wherever you want to heat. This process is much more energy-efficient than traditional heaters and coolers. Ducted heating systems are called that because they are ducted through your home’s ceiling or roof space so that their heating or cooling can circulate all around your home.

Why Should I Choose A Ducted Heat Pump Over Other Types Of Heating And Cooling Systems?

You know that heat pumps are unique and energy efficient, but why should you choose them? 

Every New Zealand homeowner should know that heat pumps have many beneficial advantages that can make your household more comfortable.

Some of the most notable pros that heat pump ducted heating systems have are:

They’re Energy Efficient. As mentioned above, heat pump systems tend to use up less energy than their traditional gas-powered counterparts. Eco-friendly individuals who strive to lower their carbon footprint as much as possible will be happy to learn that switching to a good heat pump system can reduce their energy consumption and their impact on the environment. 

They Have Relatively Low Running Costs. Their energy efficiency is great for the environment, and it’s also great for your wallet. Less energy consumption means cheaper utility bills. You can pay less on your energy bill while still enjoying sufficient heating and cooling in your home.

This is one reason why it’s good to opt for a high-quality heat pump ducted heating system. Even though better quality systems will cost more when you first purchase them and have them installed, they’ll save you money in the long run and will ultimately be worth it. 

They Make Your Home More Comfortable. Ducted heat pumps can provide your home with all-around heating or cooling that makes your space more comfortable. With one of these fantastic systems, you can happily stay cosy in your lovely home. 

They Can Last For A Long Time. If you maintain them correctly, your heat pump can last for a very long time. Heat pumps have a projected lifespan of around 15 years. But, if you make sure to purchase a high-quality ducted heating system and you ensure that you treat it well, it can last for an even longer amount of time. 

Be sure to always call for a professional if you notice any issues with your heating system. Taking care of problems that come up in a timely manner will keep your heat pump in good condition. 

They’re The Safer Choice. Traditional heaters that use fuel can potentially overheat or even explode. This thought is very frightening, especially in homes with small children or pets who could get curious and accidentally burn themselves on an overheated heater. 

However, as you already know, heat pump ducted heating systems don’t generate heat on their own. This means that they have no chance of exploding from heat-generating fuel. Heat pumps are a safer choice, making them great for households with vulnerable family members. 

They Can Heat And Cool Your Home. Heat pumps may have ‘heat’ in their name, but heating isn’t the only thing they’re capable of – they can also cool your home during the hotter months. Heat pumps can use the same method they use to transport heat into your home to transport heat out of it.

Where Can I Get My Own Heat Pump System For My New Zealand Household?

Now that you’ve learned a handful of excellent benefits that ducted heat pumps can bring you, are you ready to enhance your own home with one? Call us today at Affordable Energy Solutions to find the solution that’s right for you. 

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