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No one likes melting in a home that’s too hot in the summer months or freezing in a home that’s too cold in the winter! Affordable, efficient heating and cooling systems are something that every homeowner should be interested in. They’re absolutely crucial if you want to keep your home comfortable all year round. What system could possibly be right for you? Consider ducted air conditioning if you want to prioritise comfort and energy efficiency.

The world of heating and cooling is continuously evolving to create better solutions for people like you. Ducted heating and cooling units can offer excellent advantages that make you wish you’d switched to one earlier.

What Is A Ducted Heating And Cooling System?

First of all, let’s discuss what a ducted cooling unit even is. This is a heat pump system that uses ducts, hence its name, to connect every room of your home. These ducts lead to a single central unit that can send hot or cool air to each one of your rooms.

If you’re used to having a separate heating or cooling unit for different sections of your home, then you can just imagine how convenient a ducted air conditioning unit is! This option simplifies your heating and cooling without sacrificing quality or comfort.

Why Should I Consider A Ducted System For My New Zealand Home?

These systems sound amazing, but what are the specific benefits that you can expect from them? You can probably already imagine a few awesome perks of having a way of heating or cooling your entire home without messing with separate units.

An excellent ducted system is a fantastic choice because:

It Offers Heating And Cooling From A Single Unit. Even though many people are used to thinking of cold air when we hear ‘air conditioning,’ a ducted air conditioning system can both heat and cool your home. That’s right; you can make your entire home warmer or cooler with one unit.

Not only that, but innovative ducted heat pumps allow you to have complete temperature control over your separate rooms, meaning you don’t have to set the entire home to one temperature. If people in one part of your home want it cooler, but people in another don’t want the temperature to change, that’s fine! You can set your amazing system to keep one part of your home cooler and leave the other the way it is.

It’s Installed Into Your Ceiling Or Underfloor. Don’t worry; you won’t have to deal with unsightly ducts and hardware all over your home – a ducted air conditioning system is installed into your ceiling or underfloor. This means the new hardware in your home isn’t going to drastically disrupt your interior design. Your home will mostly look the same; it’ll just be more comfortable.

It’s Surprisingly Cost-Effective. Heat pumps are often more expensive than other heating or cooling options. Even though they’re typically much cheaper to run, those higher initial prices can scare many people away, especially when compared to other types of air conditioning units.

Some people might think that they could get the cheaper, non-ducted air conditioners because they’re less pricey. That’s the smarter option, right?

Not exactly. It might seem like the more affordable solution is to purchase the cheaper air conditioner but remember that you’ll need to buy enough units for your entire home, and you’ll need to install and maintain those as well. All of those costs and fees can seriously add up!

Conversely, a ducted air conditioning unit can affect your entire home and is cheaper to maintain. You may actually save money by opting for the ducted system.

It’s Quiet. Who can concentrate with a noisy air conditioner rattling and roaring all day? Don’t worry; ducted heating and cooling units are surprisingly quiet. Your home will be more welcoming and peaceful in two ways – it’ll be a cosy temperature and it’ll be nice and quiet.

It Increases Your Home’s Value. Aside from immediate benefits that directly affect you and your family, your property will also become more valuable once your new unit is installed. Do you ever plan on selling your home? Even if that day is many years in the future, this action now can really benefit you. You’ll be glad you had this wonderful system installed when your home goes on the market.

How Can I Get An Amazing Ducted Heating And Cooling System For My Property?

Those outstanding benefits (plus those we haven’t mentioned) can enhance any New Zealand home. Are you interested in getting a ducted air conditioning unit for your home? Your next step is easy; just call us at Affordable Energy Solutions.

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