Ceiling Insulation

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heat pumps auckland prices

Product Description - Ceiling Insulation

Insulating your ceiling will make the biggest difference to your overall heating bill, so it makes sense to insulate this part of your home first! Installing ceiling insulation is the critical first step in creating a warmer, drier, healthier and more energy efficient home. Depending on your home, we have different insulation products and installation methods to achieve the best result.

Product Details

  • Earthwool Glasswool R 3.2 Ceiling Batts
  • Earthwool Glasswool R 3.3 Ceiling Batts
  • Mammoth R1.8 Polyester Top-up Ceiling Blanket
  • Mammoth R2.6 Polyester Top-up Ceiling Blanket
  • Pink Batts R1.8 Glasswool Ceiling Batts
  • Pink Batts R2.6 Glasswool Ceiling Batts
  • Bradford Gold R1.8 Glasswool Ceiling Blanket
  • Bradford Gold R2.9 Glasswool Ceiling Blanket