From residential to commercial buildings, air conditioning is one of the incredible elements for a cosy environment in the warmer months of the year. People need heat pumps Auckland during winter, and similarly, they necessitate air conditioning in the subsequent months when the temperature surges. When the home or workplace is hot, it is hard to do any activity with peace of mind. There are several types of air conditioners to suit the customers’ requirements.

When you want to choose the proper air conditioning for your home, the first thing to consider is the requirements. You can either choose floor-mounted air conditioners or other types. Floor mounted air conditioning is one of the commonly used types in several regions across the globe. Before you choose, it is essential to know about the floor-mounted air conditioners in detail.

When it comes to wall-mounted air conditioning, you would have seen them mounted on the wall. However, floor-mounted air conditioners are available at ground level, offering faster cooling than wall-mounted types.

A few properties built with delicate materials do not support the wall mounted types. Moreover, the air conditioning service Auckland is way too difficult for places that lack ample space for attaching the wall units. So, the floor-mounted units are the perfect substitute without compromising on the benefits and the building’s aesthetic.

Features of floor mounted air conditioner

There are unique features inculcated in the air conditioner which can decrease the room temperature in no time. You can either choose the inverter non-inverter type based on your requirements. It is vital to check out the impeccable features inculcated in the floor mounted air conditioning unit

First off, you can choose the refrigerant type based on the cost and whether it is environmentally-friendly or not. An ionizer is yet another feature in the system that eliminates pollen, dust, and several particles. Besides cooling, the unit can also maintain the perfect air quality in your room. Some systems have an auto-restart feature that can be helpful for people.

Perks of having a floor mounted air conditioner

There are two essential benefits that make floor mounting units a reliable choice. Flexibility and convenience are the two advantages of using these kinds of air-conditioning units. You can easily carry the floor-mounted air conditioners from one room to another. 

Moreover, you don’t have to splurge in AC service Auckland while moving the air conditioners to another room. This is the case when you use regular air-conditioners. 

It is essential to know that the air-conditioning units can be used in rooms which don’t have windows. The units incorporate a filtration system and can be an excellent humidifier for the rooms.

Consider these things before you buy a floor mounted air conditioner

When you pick a floor mounted air conditioner, it is vital to ensure that rooms in your building have proper ventilation. Most AC units and heat pumps Auckland necessitate ventilation, and in the case of windowless air conditioners, dry vents are the ideal choice for ventilation.

Mobility is one of the crucial features in this unit, and there is no hassle in moving them from one place to another. However, ensure that you don’t invest in heavy units, making it tougher to carry the air conditioners.

If you want to buy an AC unit, confirm that the unit fits your budget. Splurging more on the AC units is not necessary as there are cost-effective models.

Why choose the best floor-mounted air conditioner?

A wall-mounted air conditioning unit comes into the picture when there is difficulty installing the wall-mounted air conditions. Several reasons hinder the installation, including restricted spaces, difficulty accessing the walls, angled ceilings, and more. 

In several homes, the walls have artworks, and installing the AC unit can diminish the appearance and look of the interiors. In these cases, floor mounted air conditioning units are preferred. These AC units are also used in hospitals, airports, offices, restaurants, hotels, and schools.

Which type of air conditioning is better?

You can choose either of the air-conditioning units as both are effective in cooling the rooms. You can consider other factors specified above and your requirements to know which is the best for your home. 

The air conditioners have unique specifications based on the model and brands, so you must carefully choose suitable systems. It is vital to pick the AC unit that fulfils your cooling needs. Our technicians have experience in installing ducted air conditioning systems in Auckland and provide the best solution for the customers’ specific needs.


If you plan to install the best air conditioners at your residential or commercial building, you need expert assistance. With several years of experience in AC installation, our trained professionals will provide the best service. Whether you have limited space or require a unit to carry easily, Floor Mounted Air Conditioning is the best choice. You can connect with our team for further assistance, and our technicians are geared up to help you round the clock.