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It can get pretty hot in New Zealand, so many Kiwis rely on their trusty aircons to keep their Auckland homes and commercial spaces cool and comfortable. These reliable machines help us stay happy during sunny summer days.

But, like any other system, your air conditioning unit needs the right maintenance to keep it running as it should. Neglecting your aircon can lead to annoying problems, expensive repairs or even the need to purchase an entirely new air conditioner.

Imagine your aircon breaking down in the middle of a hot day! You certainly don’t want that to ever happen.

Don’t worry; we’re here to lend you a hand. Read on to discover easy things you can do to maintain your aircon so that your Auckland property stays cool.

Easy Things You Can Do To Keep Your Air Conditioner Running Smoothly

While you should never attempt complicated jobs without the right experience, there are a few easy maintenance tasks that most people can complete on their own. These tips are very easy to understand and execute!

Please note that if you feel uncomfortable performing any of these tasks alone, you should contact a professional to help you. It’s always better to have someone qualified look at your Auckland home’s aircon rather than attempting the job yourself and potentially stuffing things up.

Here are a few straightforward things you can do to maintain your property’s air conditioning system:

Regularly Change Your Air Filter. Doing this can keep your air conditioner running well. A dirty air filter can really restrict airflow, which can cause your aircon to work harder and use more energy.
The amount of times you change your air filter will depend on a few factors, but most people change it every 1-3 months.

Inspect The Drain Line. The drain line in your air conditioning unit carries condensation away from the system. If this line is clogged, condensation can back up and cause serious water damage. You should inspect the drain line at least once a year and clear any clogs that you find.

If your aircon leaks, you may want to check the drain line or call a professional. Make sure you take care of your aircon’s leaking problem before it damages your Auckland home.

Clean Your Outside Unit. Regularly check the outside section of your aircon and clean it if it’s dirty. Dirty, clogged units might not transfer heat as efficiently, which can cause them to work harder and waste energy. You should also keep the area around your outside unit free of debris or items to ensure it has proper airflow.

Clean The Coils. The coils in your aircon unit are responsible for transferring heat, so dirty coils may not be as efficient as you’d like. Safely clean these coils at least once a year. Make sure you turn the unit off before you handle any of its interior parts.

Call A Professional For Standard Maintenance At Least Once A Year. Although this step isn’t quite as DIY as the others, it’s still a very important thing to do for the health of your Auckland aircon. Be sure you call a professional to come and check your unit at least once a year! Although you can do many of these tips on your own, a professional can do them quicker and more efficiently, saving you heaps of trouble.

Is your aircon giving you trouble? Or do you need someone to conduct its yearly checkup? Regardless of why you need us, our team at Affordable Energy Solutions is here to help. We can perform a variety of air conditioner-related services, including:

As you can see, we can easily do any of the steps in this article for you. We’d be happy to help you with your aircon if you’re uncomfortable performing these actions yourself.

Additionally, aside from standard maintenance and annual checkups, please know that you should speak to a professional (like the ones on our team!) if you notice any issues with your air conditioner. Small issues can turn into massive problems, and neglecting your system could lead to it shutting down unexpectedly. Neglect can also lead to expensive repair jobs or even the need for a brand-new replacement unit!

Help! Where Can I Call For Air Conditioning Services In New Zealand?

With standard maintenance and an annual checkup from Affordable Energy Solutions, your air conditioner should last for a very long time! Proper care and use is the key to keeping your systems, fixtures and appliances in good condition.

We’re happy to keep Aotearoa chill and happy with our air conditioner services. On top of that, we also specialise in heat pumps that can keep your house warm and toasty in the winter.

Would you like to know more? Simply give us a buzz on 0800 800 450 or visit our site’s contact page to get in touch.

Your aircon is a very important part of your Auckland property; keep it in good condition with Affordable Energy Solutions!