Heat pumps are used in many households due to the innumerable benefits. The heat pumps Auckland are considered the ideal choice to fulfil the heating and cooling needs of every home and commercial building. Whether you plan to buy a heat pump or already have one at your home, get to know everything about maintaining the heat pumps.

Heating and cooling units require usual maintenance, and it is important to tune up the units at least once a year. Regular maintenance of the ducted heat pumps in Auckland can boost the performance, and the systems will be energy efficient. Moreover, the heat pumps can deteriorate as a result of improper maintenance.

Connect with the right team to tune up your home’s heating and cooling equipment. Most of the households are now using heat pumps as they can provide both heating and cooling. You will be using one system throughout the year, so there is no need to rely on furnaces or ducted air conditioning systems in Auckland. As the importance of heat pumps heave, regular maintenance is essential.

Importance of heat pump service 

As said earlier, regular maintenance of the heat pumps can be beneficial, and the units will be energy efficient for a long time. It is identified that a well-maintained heat pump uses 25% less energy than heat pumps without maintenance.

Regular tune-ups elevate heat pump units’ performance and prevent the damage of important components, including the compressor. When maintenance is neglected, the trivial problems and damages in multi split systems Auckland are left unnoticed, which eventually turns into colossal issues. The repair costs of damaged heat pumps can be higher in the long run.

Find the ideal time for heat pump maintenance 

When you have different units to fulfil cooling and heating needs, annual maintenance is more than enough. However, heat pumps necessitate you to get the help of a technician twice a year. Unlike other heating and cooling equipment, heat pumps perform dual jobs and functions throughout the year.

Heat pumps Auckland suffice your cooling needs during summer, and the winter season urges heating units to keep your home warm. As you will be using the heat pumps every day, it is crucial to get proper maintenance twice a year.

You can service the HVAC unit in seasons like spring and fall as other seasons require the equipment to function with high efficiency. When the technician’s prep up the HVAC unit, you can expect the best performance in summer and winter.

You can relish a comfortable stay indoors. The technicians will evaluate the heat pumps Auckland and notice if there’s any problem with the equipment. When an issue is identified, the technicians will instantly eradicate it, ensuring that your heat pumps perform well every season. You don’t have to worry about the heating or cooling units when the tune ups are performed at the right time.

Is heat pump maintenance beneficial?

A professional technician’s assistance is important to get a proper heat pump service. The technician will identify ducts, filters, blowers, and indoor coils to remove the debris. 

The technician will also check for seal duct and refrigerant leaks. Moreover, measurement is taken to confirm adequate airflow and refrigerant charge. These are the usual things that a technician will implement while tuning up your heat pump.

Heat pump maintenance, not definitely the DIY way!


Frequent inspection of a heat pump is important to identify any issues and prevent complex problems in the long run. Few things occur when the heat pump functions, but that’s usual, and you don’t have to worry about those things. However, you should connect with an HVAC technician if you recognize the unusual functioning of heat pumps Auckland.

You can also perform basic troubleshooting like dusting around vents and replacing air filters regularly. However, you need professional assistance for proper maintenance, and it is dangerous to service the unit by yourself.

You can do a few things like cleaning or replacing the air filters, eliminating debris in the outdoor unit, and maintain proper airflow. Calling your HVAC professional for proper maintenance is one of the important tasks that you shouldn’t ignore.

Heat pumps maintenance cost  

The maintenance cost is based on several factors, including your location, unit’s age, complexity and frequency of service. It is crucial to understand that heat pump repairs can cost you more than a thousand dollars, whereas heat pump maintenance is inexpensive.

Get professional assistance for heat pump maintenance from Affordable Energy Solutions 

When it comes to home maintenance, you can’t ignore heat pumps and assure that you acquire the help of the best technicians to maintain the unit safely. Get in touch with our team to schedule your heat pump service right away.