Yes, you can heat old buildings with heat pumps Auckland. Heat pumps have become a reliable name to fulfil many households’ heating and cooling needs. Heat pumps were developed a few decades ago, but they have captivated the attention lately. People used furnaces and ducted air conditioning systems in Auckland to suffice the heating or cooling requirements.

Things are changing swiftly, and the last few years have been glorious for heat pumps. Now, homeowners prefer this heating unit over other equipment to heat and cool their home environment. As heat pumps are energy-efficient, you can install the heating and cooling unit at your home. Various perks in installing this unit include easy installation, technical parameters, and cost-effective pricing.

Heat pumps are the ideal choice for any household, but there are certain factors that homeowners must consider before installation. For instance, a poorly insulated house can cause heavy heat loss causing high energy bills. Insulation and Ventilation Auckland are crucial factors you shouldn’t ignore while installing the new heat pumps.

A professional will help you evaluate the heating and cooling needs so you can easily choose the right unit for your home. From upgrading insulation to minor fixes, homeowners must complete all the steps successfully before heat pump installation.

Moreover, you have to choose the right type of heat pump. If you decide on ground source heat pumps, installation is more complicated than air source. Experts suggest air source heat pumps are easy to install with less disruption. When it comes to location, air source heat pump units are usually installed outside the home.

Ensure you choose a location that is easy to access for regular cleaning and maintenance. It is crucial to connect with the right professionals who can provide complete assistance to begin heat pump installation. After accumulating data and insights from experts, set up the heat pumps at your home.

Are heat pumps the best investment for your old house?

This is one common question among homeowners who look for options to manage their old home’s heating and cooling needs. As far as the heat pumps are concerned, it is worth the money and ensure that you utilize the benefits. There are different types of heat pumps with a unique mechanism so ensure that you install the ducted heat pumps in Auckland.

Choose the right heat pump for your home

The heat pump’s function is identical to the ducted air conditioning systems in Auckland, but it has an added benefit. With heat pumps, the heat inside your home is transferred to the external environment and replaced with cool air from the atmosphere.

Similarly, the heat pumps can keep your home warm during cold days. Whether you are looking for a good air-conditioner or a heating unit for the residence, the heat pumps are considered the ideal choice. Finding the right heat pump for your old house is the first step to begin with.

Insulation is one factor that heavily influences heat loss in your home. An old house with poor insulation necessitates more heat than a well-insulated home. If the insulation is not good, the heating needs will be higher, nudging homeowners to invest in large heat pumps Auckland.

At times, the home’s orientation is also considered to influence heat loss. In New Zealand, the heat loss will be faster in south-facing homes, and bigger heat pumps may be required. Moreover, checking the external environment is essential. The heat pump capacity can vary based on the temperature drop. Auckland households don’t necessitate large heat pumps as the weather conditions are manageable compared to other areas.

After evaluating all the essential factors, you can select the right heat pump to meet your heating and cooling needs. After proper evaluation, your old home can have a brand-new heat pump installation. Our technicians ensure a high-quality heat pump is installed at your home. You can always reach out to our team for precise evaluation.

Prep up before heat pump installation

It is not just about the technicians, but plumbing and building preparations are essential for heat pump installation. The important step in installing heat pumps is analysing the size properly. If you choose a heat pump that’s not enough to heat your home, it might take more time. Likewise, installing a big heat pump might waste energy and be expensive to use. Choose the size of the ducted heat pumps Auckland, location to keep the external unit and utilize the assistance of expert technicians for further setup.

If you want to install a heat pump in your old home, you’ve come to the right place. At Affordable Energy Solutions, we have a team of experts to help you out. With years of experience and the latest equipment, our crew members will reach your home to scrutinize the property. You can count on our team members from the beginning to the end of your home improvement project.