Ducted Heat Pump & Cooling Systems

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Ducted Heat Pumps

Ducted heat pumps keep people in the house cool in the summer, cosy during winter and comfortable all throughout the year. Air conditioning contractors like us love these systems because they provide energy efficient central heating and the perfect complete home heating and air conditioning solution, giving you with a comfortable temperature throughout your house.

Customised Solutions

Introducing Airtouch 4. Taking ducted heat pump air zoning to a whole new level of comfort and energy efficiency, with a fully integrated control for multiple heat pump units, and up to 16 zones in your home.

AirTouch zone controller / Mitsubishi Zone Controller

As an HVAC supplier, we understand that every new home has different requirements, and that’s why our solutions are custom designed. Our experts not only do the complete HVAC system installation but also show you how to heat your home the right way. After a free consultation you’ll get a quote and custom design plan that’s perfect for your new home. If you’re in the pre piping phase (whether that’s new build pre piping or apartment pre piping) of your new home, call 0800 800 450 today to book a free home consultation with one of our experts.

Ducted Air Conditioning for Cool Summer and Warm Winter

Whether you need warmth when the temperature decreases or soothing cold air during summer, a ducted heat pumps Auckland is the ideal choice. The heat pump installation is the most favorite choice for many customers to cope with changing weather conditions. An exclusive unit distributes air across different rooms in your home. The system is energy efficient, and it keeps on evolving over the years, which maximizes performance.

What is a Ducted Heat Pump?

Ducted heat pump provide heated and cooled air to every room in the house using ductwork. No matter how you plan to design the home, the heat pump system is way too important, and many new homeowners in New Zealand prefer it. Ducted heat pump is considered the most effective way to cool and heat your home. As the temperature keeps changing every season, it is not just about keeping your home cool during summer. Ducted heat pump system is the perfect solution to your home as it operates economically.

Why Ducted Heat Pump?

  • Ducted air conditioning is energy efficient as the control of the system is in your hands. It is easier to manage the electricity usage, and the power consumption will be less.
  • Delicate distribution of air around your home is ensured. The experts will install the system in your home to hinder issues that may occur in the future.
  • Though the heat pumps distribute air across the rooms through one single unit, it doesn’t mean that you have to keep the same temperature in every room. An exclusive unit lets you set different temperatures in every room.
  • It is designed exceptionally well so that users can operate the system efficiently. One tap on a button is all you need to do to start operating the ducted air conditioning.
  • Unlike other systems, the heat pumps keep noise pollution at bay. From keeping your home a hotspot in winter to providing cool air in summer, you can expect a powerful performance from the the heat pumps.

Ducted Heat Pump Installation

The design of ducted heat pumps is purely based on individual homes and the circumstances. The installation of a heat pump in your home is cost-effective and energy-efficient as well. If you are constructing a new or renovating an old home, it would be the best time to procure heat pump installation.

The heat pump is an affordable heat pumps Auckland, aesthetic and astounding system to keep your home warm and cool as per your requirements. The changing weather conditions have made people rely on both heating and cooling systems. The heat pump installation is the ideal solution for residential and commercial spaces.

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You don’t have to splurge more in installing the heat pumps, and they are durable than other heating options. Connect with our support team and acquire the experts for heat pump installation in your home. Now is the right time to invest in the heat pumps and install the best solution to channel the home environment as per your need.

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